NNCG offers monthly webinars that explore topics and practices of
particular interest and value to philanthropy consultants. Watch
this space for announcements of upcoming events.


Webinar: Meaningful Foundation Support for Effective Nonprofit Capacity Building

October 17, 2017 — 1:00 PM EST

Learning for Action (LFA), in partnership with the Polk Bros. Foundation, will present results from a recent study on nonprofit capacity building, which included the perspectives of nonprofits, funders, and capacity building providers. The presenters will share trends, best practices, and specific recommendations for how each of the three stakeholder groups included in the study… View Article

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WEBINAR: Race and Equity in Philanthropy Group: Lessons Learned

November 9, 2017 — 12:00 PM EST

The Race and Equity in Philanthropy Group (REPG) brings together foundations committed to improving their ability to effectively promote racial equity in their operations and practices, and provides an opportunity for member foundations to improve their own approaches to race and inclusion through peer learning. Learn how this intentionally facilitated peer learning group has impacted… View Article

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WEBINAR: The Givers, with David Callahan of Inside Philanthropy

December 5, 2017 — 12:00 PM EST

David Callahan has written a well-researched a provocative book, The Givers. What is the role of philanthropy in shaping public policy on such issues as education, the environment, health, criminal justice, and other issues. David argues that the influence of big philanthropy will only increase in coming years. The Givers¬†explores the proper role of private… View Article

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