Thank You to 2021 #NNCGisME! Campaign Donors for raising over $10,000!

Thank you to our membership donors who contributed towards the #NNCGisME Annual Member Giving Campaign as it is an unrestricted fund created by and for NNCG members to enhance the philanthropic field in which we all work and elevate our collective membership experience!

Below is a list of member firms and individuals committed to provide the NNCG member community with the best tools, education, networking, and skills –  the best field-building membership experience possible!

Institutions & Firms

Blue Garnet
Cause Communications
Engage R+D
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors**

Jessica Bearman*
Way-Ting Chen*
Marcia Coné, PhD*
Erica Villarreal Ekwurzel*
Dawn Franks*
Gita Gulati-Partee
Christine Hershey
Tony Macklin*

Tony Macklin*
David Maurrasse*
Heather Summers Parsons
Jennifer Pedroni*
Mary Phillips ***
Sharmila Rao Thakkar*
Lauren Wolkov
Christine Zachai

*2021 Steering Committee Member
**Charter Member

Tributes & Testimonials made during 2021 #NNCGisME! Campaign

In honor of Marcia Sharp - my first introduction to amazing consulting. I am grateful for the NNCG Community -- a smart and effective bunch of colleagues who openly share knowledge, resources, & great ideas!
Jessica Bearman
Principal of Bearman Consulting LLC
In honor of NNCG founding members, Stephanie Clohesy, Lee Draper, and Cole Wilbur, for your mentorship & encouragement to be involved in building the field. NNCG furthers the field and professional aspects of philanthropy consulting - it's been my "go-to" resource in knowledge & networking!
Erica Villarreal Ekwurzel
Founder of CivicAIM
As a proud member of the NNCG and its SC, I’m honored to support NNCGisME and be a part of this vibrant and supportive network!
Sharmila Rao Thakkar
Principal of SRT Advising & Consulting
I am happy to have helped launch this important group, to help with the marketing/naming/branding and to have help raise the first funds.
R. Christine Hershey
Founder of Cause Communications
It’s lovely to meet peers from across the country, and to have a growth-oriented environment in which to learn together.
Christine Zachai
Principal of Forward Philanthropy
NNCG provides content relevant webinars and a network of amazing colleagues!
Lauren Wolkov
Principal of Lauren Wolkov Strategic Advisors
Questions or interest to increase your level of member involvement in NNCG, contact Way-Ting Chen, NNCG Chair.