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From technical assistance to consulting opportunities, the NNCG Network promotes peer exchange and learning among philanthropy consultants and grantmakers to advance social change in communities.

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* NNCGListserv – MembersOnly*Reparations Resources A client has asked me to explore the possibility of including reparations as part of an economic development grantmaking portfolio. I would love to talk with or hear from others who have explored or implemented similar work. In particular, I’m interested in learning more about how foundations evaluate and select an approach (direct grantmaking, pooled funds, or intermediaries such as Borealis Philanthropy); strategies related to direct payments to individuals; advocacy in support of federal, state and local legislation; and incorporating expertise from Black and Indiginous communities, especially within smaller private and family foundations.(11/10)

* NNCGListserv – MembersOnly*NNCG and Alliance for Nonprofit Management Response to Reisman Article in Chronicle of Philanthropy – The Chronicle of Philanthropy published NNCG and the Alliance’s response to the Reisman article today. (11/6)

* NNCGListserv – MembersOnly*A new report I’d love to share with NNCG Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and heightened global protest responsive to racial injustice, funders are increasingly investing in strategies to build power within communities of color and other traditionally marginalized groups.  Today’s heightened interest builds on work many funders have pursued for some time, often supported by the regional, issue-focused, and/or constituency-focused philanthropy support organizations of which they are members.  (10/22)

* NNCGListserv – MembersOnly*Consultant needed inquiry to NNCG NNCG has had in inquiry from the founder and director of a private, invitation-only family foundation.  She is looking to consult with someone about what the foundation could become in the next decade. Over the past twenty years the Red Empress Foundation has made annual grants to organizations around the world in various amounts ranging from $5,000 to a 3-year commitment of $50,000 in each of three years.   Areas of interest for the next decade include identifying the ways diversity, equity and inclusion can be expanded in relevant ways, and looking for communities the foundation can increase support to national and international sectors such as criminal justice, indigenous communities, LBGTQ, climate change, the elderly, for example. (9/3)

* NNCGListserv – MembersOnly*Introducing the new Disability & Philanthropy Forum website + join us for a webinar! – NNCG is excited to inform our members of  the new Disability & Philanthropy Forum website.  This year is the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and at this moment in time when we are all striving to achieve equity and justice, it is time that we prioritize including the disability community which intersects with all identities.  Grant makers – and consultants to grant makers – are invited to embark on a  journey toward disability inclusion by encouraging your members, colleagues and employees to become Members of the Forum, and connect with and follow us on social media at on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.  Join the Disability &  Philanthropy Forum and the National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers for a real-time tour of this new website in our webinar Disability and Philanthropy: Resources for Consultants to Grantmakers, on November 17th at 12p Eastern. (9/15)

* NNCGListserv – MembersOnly*Recent Chronicle of Philanthropy Op-Ed – What Role Should Consultants Play in the Nonprofit World? Did you see it? Please join the Alliance and the National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers for a stirring online conversation addressing the research and practice of nonprofit consulting. In this engaging dialogue, we will be joined by Leah Reisman from Princeton University’s Department of Sociology to discuss her recent dissertation on consulting in the nonprofit sector and her letter in the Chronicle of Philanthropy exploring different consulting approaches. (8/25)

* NNCGListserv – MembersOnly* – RFQ: AEA Board of Directors  he American Evaluation Association (AEA) offers this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to respondents interested in serving as a facilitation partner to assist the AEA Board of Directors with better understanding the association and our membership. The AEA plans to contract with a single entity to provide facilitation services beginning in September 2020. This contractual partnership is expected to be for 12-months. (8/6)

* NNCGListserv – MembersOnly* – Arcus Foundation Grantee TA Initiative RFP – The Arcus Foundation has issued the attached Request for Proposals (RFP) in connection with a new Grantee Technical Assistance Initiative that will help our Social Justice Program grantees develop/strengthen their capacity to raise funds online from small dollar donors. (8/5)

* NNCGListserv – MembersOnly* – Research on Next Gen Donors and Social Change – I am passing along a request from Sharna Goldseker at 2164.  She and Michael Moody are doing additional research for an expanded paperback edition of their book, Generation Impact: How Next Gen Donors Are Revolutionizing Giving. This book highlighted how next generation donors are “moving the needle on social change.” (8/3)

* NNCGListserv – MembersOnly* – Question – Recent Chronicle of Philanthropy Op-Ed – What Role Should Consultants Play in the Nonprofit World? Did you see it? – I’m curious to know if others have had a chance to read this Opinion Editorial (attached) about the role consultants should play in the nonprofit/philanthropy world. (7/30)

* NNCGListserv – MembersOnly* – Business Insurance & Hold Harmless – This is such a valuable and practical conversation. I’d like to add to this discussion a comment/question related to including a reciprocal “hold harmless” clause in contracts, given overlap with the question of professional liability insurance. (7/24)

* NNCGListserv – MembersOnly* – Business Insurance Coverage – I recently had a conversation with several colleagues regarding what types of insurance are appropriate for a small consulting firm.  With NNCG’s diverse membership, I’m very curious your thoughts of what types of insurance are “necessary” vs. “nice to have.” (7/23)

* NNCGListserv – MembersOnly* – NNCG Member Discount Code for 2164 Online Training – 2164 is running several online trainings in July, September, and October and they have shared a 10% off discount code specifically for NNCG members. (7/6/20)

* NNCGListserv – MembersOnly* – Connect with us on LinkedIn! – As part of our goal to build a more engaged community of consultants, our LinkedIn group is our home base for us all to share and learn together. We’d love for you to join here. You can also add NNCG on LinkedIn to keep up with webinars, news about fellow consultants and foundations tied to NNCG, and industry goings-on. Posting in the LinkedIn group is the best way to engage with all of the wonderful members of NNCG, learn about new opportunities, and get the most out of your membership. We’re looking forward to seeing you online! (7/6/20)

* NNCGListserv – MembersOnly* – Consulting firm/Consultant for rebrand – Happy Wednesday. I am writing on behalf of a nonprofit CEO who is looking for someone to help with market research, charitable landscape intelligence, and a rebrand. The CEO would like a firm/consultant who can move quickly and has capacity. The firm/consultant needs to understand marketing, but it is really more to get the research and intelligence to help the CEO come up with a market segment and brand. (7/1/20)

* NNCGListserv – MembersOnly* – New NNCG Programming – Bootcamp Summer Series: A Focus on You! Join us for our first-ever Bootcamp Summer Series, a collection of interactive virtual sessions to support the work/life balance of your consulting practice!  Summer provides the perfect opportunity to step back, practice self-care, and reflect on your next steps as a philanthropy consultant. These virtual sessions are complimentary and open to all philanthropy consultants on a first-come, first-served basis.  Invite your colleagues who may be interested in NNCG!  These sessions are complimentary for all.  Computer cameras or phone/webcams are required for participation in our interactive Bootcamp sessions. (6/25/20)

* NNCGListserv – MembersOnly* – Request for Proposals: Rural Equity Consultant – United Philanthropy Forum welcomes proposals from consultants to support our work to advance rural equity in philanthropy. Consultants with rural knowledge and facilitation experience, skilled in issues of equity will be hired to staff the Rural Philanthropy Advisory and PSO Working Groups and serve as project manager and coordinate the various activities within the Forum. (6/15/20)

* NNCGListserv – MembersOnly* – Facilitator Recommendations – Hi, everyone. I hope that you and your families are faring well during this time. I am working with a client and am looking for a facilitator who has the ability to lead a conversation with about 15-16 board members remotely to address interpersonal relationships among them to ensure better strategic alignment within the organization. The members are located across the United States. Facilitation is needed to lead a series of conversations to help the members address these issues. (5/19/20)

* NNCGListserv – MembersOnly* – Aaah…The benefits of NNCG! Member discounts, new partnership with 21/64, and a plug by Stanford University’s PACS! (5/11/20)

* NNCGListserv – MembersOnly* – There’s still time: Join Us! Disability Inclusion Community of Practice at NNCG:  We are excited to announce that NNCG was recently awarded a grant from the Ford Foundation to further develop our disability inclusion work as part of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative! (5/5/20)

* NNCGListserv – MembersOnly* – Free Webinar – Lessons Learned About Virtual Facilitation: As we each undertake the proverbial pivot in adapting to the new challenges and opportunities brought by current events, I thought you would be interested in this upcoming webinar, “Lessons Learned About Virtual Facilitation.”  Wednesday, May 6, 10 am pacific/11 am mountain/12 noon central/1 pm eastern.  (4/30/20)

* NNCGListserv – MembersOnly* – An invitation to participate in a research project:  I know many of you from various stages of my long career in the philanthropy field – some from my days as a foundation CEO or trustee, others from conferences we attended, and still other who took courses at NYU or Penn where I have taught many hundreds of funders from around the world.   For the last few years, I had significantly reduced my advisory work to concentrate more on my lecturing and teaching, and serving as a trustee of several foundations.  For a variety of reasons, I have decided to modestly reactivate my advisory work and, thus joined NNCG last month. (4/29/20)

* NNCGListserv – MembersOnly* – Evaluation consultant RFP:  The Foundation seeks a consultant to work with staff on creating an evaluation framework for its new strategic plan, currently in development and slated for completion by late 2020. Since the Foundation began formal grantmaking in 2011 it has not had a comprehensive data collection and impact measurement system to align strategies and outcomes. The new strategic plan will focus the grantmaking attention to a more cohesive impact-oriented structure.  Please see attached RFP for more details. (4/23/20)

* NNCGListserv – MembersOnly* – “Consulting Through the Pandemic and Beyond” – Panel Discussion – April 14th: Susan Schaefer, Mary Hiland, and I (Don Tebbe)—  all of us longtime consultants – are hosting a panel discussion on “Consulting Through the Pandemic and Beyond,” sharing what we learned guiding our businesses through the white waters of the Great Recession of 2008-2009. It’s on Tuesday, April 14, 2020 @ 1 PM Eastern, 10 AM Pacific. Registration is free. For those who can’t make it, there will be replay at the “more info” link below. (4/13/20)

* NNCGListserv – MembersOnly* – Recommended Resources on Disability and COVID-19, from Presidents’ Council on Disability Inclusion in Philanthropy: Thanks to Brittany Kienker, Ph.D. and others who have shared resources on philanthropy and our sector’s response to COVID-19.  Here’s another set of resources from the Presidents’ Council on Disability Inclusion in Philanthropy.

“As we navigate an ever-changing world in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, philanthropy has a critical role to play in ensuring that the disability community is not left behind. To help guide you through the uncharted paths ahead, we will be regularly updating this page with helpful resources and reading on COVID-19 and key disability issues.” (3/26/20)

* NNCGListserv – MembersOnly* – NNCG Seeks Fundraising Consultant – RFPs due 4/6/20:  The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit proposals from consultants, experienced in fundraising for nonprofits, particularly professional membership associations, to develop and implement a customized fundraising plan to help the organization reach its full revenue potential.  Please see attached PDF for all the details. (3/17/20)

* NNCGListserv – MembersOnly* – UPDATED RESOURCES: NNCG LISTSERV: COVID-19 and the Response from Philanthropy – Some Resources for Philanthropy Consultants: Over the past weeks, I’ve talked with many colleagues nationally regarding the impact of COVID-19 on grantmakers and the philanthropic sector.  During these conversations, many have expressed an interest in the Council of Michigan Foundations’ approach to serving foundations throughout this situation. (3/13/20)

* NNCGListserv – MembersOnly* – RFP from Girls for Gender Equity: Girls for Gender Equity (GGE) is an intergenerational organization committed to the physical, psychological, social and economic development of girls and women, particularly cisgender and transgender girls and gender non-conforming/non-binary (GNC/NB) youth of color. Through direct service, policy & organizing, and culture change, GGE works to remove systemic barriers and create the world in which for cisgender and transgender girls of color and GNC/NB youth of color are free. (3/11/20)

* NNCGListserv – MembersOnly* – UPDATED RESOURCES: NNCG LISTSERV: COVID-19 and the Response from Philanthropy – Some Resources for Philanthropy Consultants: We wanted to share a few resources on the COVID-19 Coronavirus and the response from philanthropy. (3/11/20)

* NNCGListserv – MembersOnly* – COVID-19 and the Response from Philanthropy – Some Resources for Philanthropy Consultants. I’ve been tracking the outbreak for the Council of Michigan Foundations and have several additional sources to recommend. (3/9/20)

* NNCGListserv – MembersOnly* – Join Us! Disability Inclusion Community of Practice at NNCG: We are excited to announce that NNCG was recently awarded a grant from the Ford Foundation to further develop our disability inclusion work as part of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative! (3/3/20)

* NNCGListserv – MembersOnly* – Foundations & consultants working on disability inclusion: In partnership with NNCG, I’m working on a scan of foundations that are integrating disability inclusion into their work, including identifying consultants who are working with foundations, or have the potential to do so. (2/21/20)