About NNCG

A champion for quality in the field of philanthropy consulting.

The National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers is a champion for quality in the field of philanthropy consulting. NNCG was established in 2006 as a direct response to the needs of grantmakers who increasingly turn to consultants to support and increase the impact of their work.

Our Mission

A community of consultants that builds knowledge and skills to support an equitable, impactful, and vibrant philanthropic sector.

Our Network

NNCG’s network includes a distinguished membership of philanthropy consultants representing an array of areas of expertise related to grantmakers and their philanthropic missions. It also includes foundation members that have a deep commitment to supporting philanthropy consultants as peers and trusted colleagues in efforts to advance the field. Collectively, our network serves all types and sizes of philanthropy consultants, as well as grantmakers, grantmaker networks and philanthropic families. As a result, the work of NNCG members has positive impact in hundreds of communities.

Promoting Quality in Philanthropy Consulting

Specifically, NNCG:

  • Increases grantmaker access to highly qualified consultants through its Directory of Philanthropy Consultants
  • Provides professional development and networking opportunities for philanthropy consultants
  • Promotes philanthropy consultants’ thought leadership, resources and best practices
  • Focuses members’ collective expertise to address issues affecting philanthropy and philanthropy consulting

Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

To enrich and strengthen philanthropy, NNCG strives to achieve diversity in its membership, including:
  • Demographic characteristics, including ethnicity, gender, age, ability and sexual orientation
  • Size and types of consulting practice
  • Areas of expertise
  • Types of grantmakers served
  • Geography
We also support the deep thinking that went into D5’s efforts to advance a diversity, equity and inclusion agenda in philanthropy through leadership, capacity building and strategic investments.  To learn more about how D5 defines diversity, equity and inclusion, click here. To learn more about NNCG’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, click here.

Get Involved

If you are a grantmaker seeking an experienced philanthropy consultant, search NNCG’s Directory of Philanthropy Consultants.

If you are an experienced consultant serving philanthropy, learn about the benefits of joining NNCG.

If you are a philanthropic organization or grantmaker who shares our commitment to building the field, contact us to explore partnership possibilities.