Focusing on Growth and Impact

September 2016



Ethical, collaborative, and effective philanthropy creates extraordinary opportunities and improvements in our communities and in our world.


NNCG’s mission is to increase the quality, effectiveness, and capacity of grantmakers by mobilizing and strengthening the work of knowledgeable, ethical, and experienced consultants.


  • Mission-driven – We care about effective philanthropy; we are a field-building, philanthropy-serving network.
  • Volunteer-led – We believe in the power of the network and the brilliance of our collective efforts.
  • Collaborative and inclusive – We work collaboratively with consultants, philanthropy, and philanthropy-serving organizations, and we emphasize the growing diversity of our members and partners in order to enhance the effectiveness of the field.
  • Relationship-based – We cultivate long-term relationships with others who care about improving philanthropy and our communities.
  • Empathetic and candid – We value the unique ability of consultants to confidently and confidentially provide frank guidance and insights.


  1. Philanthropy has access to quality, diversity, and choice in grantmaker consulting.
  2. Professional development, networking, and knowledge creation improve the practice of philanthropy and grantmaker consulting.
  3. Our collective expertise is focused on core and emerging issues affecting philanthropy and philanthropy consulting.
  4. NNCG has the capacity to consistently deliver value to the field.