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Thought Leadership

The Foundation Review article on our DEI Initiative
In 2018, we launched an initiative to sharpen the impact of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work in grantmaking by increasing the capacity of consultants and grantmakers engaged in these efforts. Network researchers used a systematic protocol to interview consultant members about their most effective partnerships with grantmakers. Case studies drawn from those interviews yielded valuable lessons for advancing DEI in philanthropy.

In sharing some of these lessons, this article advises consultants to be prepared to help grantmakers define or refine the meaning of DEI and understand where equity fits into their values and mission. It also explores how a good DEI consulting process helps to distinguish technical and complex dimensions of a DEI commitment, and how the scope of work should encompass both development of internal leadership skills and investment in grantee, community, and issue leaders.

The Foundation Review Themed Issue on Philanthropy Consulting
The National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers is collaborating with The Foundation Review to publish a special themed issue that will explore the field of philanthropy consulting and the value it provides. NNCG is honored to serve as co-editor for this edition (Vol. 7, Issue 1), which was published in March 2015.

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NNCG has built a Knowledge Center in cooperation with Candid’s acclaimed IssueLab. The collection makes best practices, tools, analyses, articles, evaluations and other items of value created by NNCG members widely available to the philanthropic field – a resource that benefits the practice of philanthropy.  NNCG members, download the PDF to learn how to submit items to the NNCG Knowledge Center.

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