2022 Annual Giving Campaign

As practitioners in grantmaking, timely access to practical tools and research are essential to your efforts to drive social change. And frequent opportunities to learn from your peers—and share insights about trends and issues in the field—go a long way toward strengthening your own practices, as well as elevating the broader field of philanthropic consultancy.

For more than 10 years, NNCG has been singularly committed to building—and expanding—a vibrant and resilient network of philanthropic consultants, and supporting our members in every facet of your work. In fact, you as members are our most important resources, and the experience and knowledge you contribute to NNCG bring great value to your colleagues. We are thrilled to have a group of members who collaborate to improve the practice of grantmaking, and philanthropy more broadly!

That’s why we have titled our 2022 Member Giving Campaign #NNCGisWE! NNCG is only as effective as the combined power of our members—and our current social climate demands a strong, united, and well-functioning philanthropic sector. Working hand-in-hand with you, and with your support, we can strengthen our collective capacity to elevate our sector.

Your contribution expands the different supports and services we provide.

We invite you to donate at the following levels, or at a level most comfortable for you!


Helps fund virtual cafes, bringing together fellow NNCG members to learn, grow, and build together


Helps bring diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) to NNCG’s governance, membership, and programming


Strengthens NNCG’s collaborative and cutting-edge programming


Strengthens the community of philanthropic consultants, embracing the wisdom of veteran consultants and the inclusion of rising consultant leaders


Amplifies the power, knowledge, and partnership NNCG and its members have in advancing the field of philanthropy
NNCG thanks you for all of your insights and contributions and hope you will consider a donation so we can meet our goal of $20,000 – every gift counts and together we can achieve it! Remember, #NNCGisWE – and we can collectively strengthen the power and effectiveness of philanthropy as a catalyst for change!
Questions or interest to increase your level of member involvement in NNCG, contact Way-Ting Chen, NNCG Chair.