NNCG Members

Full Members

Full Members have demonstrated exceptional depth and quality of consultant work by providing at least five grantmaker clients as references.

Institutions & Firms

Advocacy & Communication Solutions, LLC – Cleveland, OH
Scarlett Bouder, Vice President
Rebecca Cohen, Senior Director
Lori McClung, President

Arabella Advisors – San Francisco, CA
Lydia Guterman, Senior Director of Consulting Services
Julie Slay, Senior Director of Evaluation
Melanie Torres, Senior Director of Consulting Services
Gwen Walden NNCG Charter Member, Senior Managing Director
Shelley Whelpton, Managing Director

Blue Garnet – Los Angeles, CA
Way-Ting Chen, Sr. Partner & Co-Founder
Shannon Johnson, Partner
Jennifer Shen, Partner & Co-Founder
Sofia Van Cleve*, Analyst
Jessica Wong*, Senior Associate

Cause Communications – Los Angeles, CA
R.Christine Hershey, Founder
Vanessa Schnaidt, Group Account Director
Jessica Truex, Project Manager

Community Science – Gaithersburg, MD
David Chavis, Ph.D., President/CEO
Oscar Espinosa, Senior Associate
Kien Lee, Ph.D., Vice President & Principal Associate
Amy Minzner Associate Member at a Full Member Firm, Senior Associate

Draper Consulting Group – Santa Monica, CA NNCG Charter Member
Lee Draper, Ph.D. NNCG Charter Member, President
Colburn (Cole) Wilbur NNCG Charter Member, Senior Associate

Engage R+D – Pasadena, CA
Giannina Fehler-Cabral
Michael Matsunaga, Senior Consultant
Pilar Mendoza, Senior Consultant
Clare Nolan, Co-Founder
Sonia Taddy-Sandino, Co-Founder

Engage Strategies – Mt. Pleasant, SC
George AbarAssociate Member at a Full Member Firm, Principal
Alyssondra Campaigne, Principal

FMA – New York, NY
Stu Cohen Associate Member at a Full Member Firm, Principal
Rebecca Coker, Lead Consultant, West Coast
Dipty Jain, Principal
Andrea Mills, Principal
Hilda Polanco, Founder & CEO

Foundation Management Services, Inc. – Cleveland, OH NNCG Charter Member
Sherri Clancy, Associate
Jeanine Gergel, Associate
Kara McCullough Associate Member at a Full Member Firm, Manager, Grants & Operations
Cristin Slesh NNCG Charter Member, President
Karen Thompson-Shaheen Associate Member at a Full Member Firm, Associate

GMA Foundations – Boston, MA NNCG Charter Member
Chaletta Huertas, Associate
Alfonso Perillo, Director of Financial Services
Mary Phillips NNCG Charter Member, President
Amy Segal Shorey NNCG Charter Member, Principal
Prentice Zinn NNCG Charter Member, Principal

Harder + Company Community Research – San Francisco, CA
Aimèe Fribourg, Senior Research Associate
Jennifer James, Senior Vice President
Kristen Itani Koue, Research Consultant
Cristina Magaña, Director
Richard Vezina, V.P., Strategy & Business Development

Hirsch & Associates – San Francisco, CA
Adrienne Bousian, Senior Associate
Susan Hirsch, CEO
Betsy Merzernich, Senior Associate
Emily Cohen Raskin, Senior Associate

Learning for Action (LFA) – San Francisco, CA NNCG Charter Member
Alex Hildebrand, Director of Strategy Consulting
Steven LaFrance NNCG Charter Member, President & CEO
Nancy Latham NNCG Charter Member, Chief Learning Officer
Rachel Cuevas Rouda, Senior Consultant
JT Taylor Associate Member at a Full Member Firm, Director of Research and Evaluation

Marga Inc. – New York, NY
Faith Bynoe, Senior Associate
David Maurrasse, President/Founder/CEO

The Philanthropic Group – New York, NY NNCG Charter Member
Barbara R. Greenberg, MSW NNCG Charter Member, President
Jan Schwarz NNCG Charter Member, Philanthropic Consultant

The Philanthropic Initiative, Inc. – Boston, MA NNCG Charter Member
Maggi Alexander, Partner
Katherine Linder, Director
Leslie Pine NNCG Charter Member, Senior Partner
Ellen Remmer NNCG Charter Member, Senior Partner

Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors – New York, NY NNCG Charter Member
Melissa A. Berman NNCG Charter Member, President & CEO
Mae Hong Associate Member at a Full Member Firm, Vice President
Chris Page NNCG Charter Member, Senior Vice President
Walter Sweet NNCG Charter Member, Vice President

RTI International – Research Triangle Park, NC
Barri Burrus, Senior Director
Phillip Graham, Senior Director
Rachel Nugent, Vice President
David Silver, Director
Katherine Treiman, Senior Manager

Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd. – Chicago, IL
Betsy Brill, Founder & President
Mollie Bunis, Director of Philanthropic Services

TCC Group – New York, NY
Melinda Fine, Dir. of Philanthropy & Strategic Partnerships
Molly Schultz Hafid, Associate Director
Richard Mittenthal, President & CEO

VIVA Strategy + Communications – San Mateo, CA
Laura Bowen, Communications Manager
Christina Bath Collosi, Managing Partner
Nicole Tanner, Ph.D., Managing Partner

Whittier Trust Company – South Pasadena, CA
Pegine Grayson, Senior V.P. of Philanthropic Services
Julie Lytle Nesbit, E.V.P. & Director of Philanthropic Services
Brian Van Weele, V.P. of Philanthropic Services



Athena Adkins, President, Better World Partners – St. Paul, MN

Thomas E. Backer, Ph.DNNCG Charter Member, Senior Research Fellow,
California State University – Northridge, CA

Saphira Baker, Principal, Communitas Consulting –
Charlottesville, VA

Jessica Bearman, Principal, Bearman Consulting, LLC – Viola, ID

Suzanne Callahan, CFRE , Founder, Callahan Consulting for the Arts – Washington, DC

Stephanie Clohesy NNCG Charter Member, CEO, Clohesy Consulting – Cedar Falls, IA

Jara Dean-Coffey, M.P.H NNCG Charter Member, Founder & Principal, Luminare Group – San Rafael, CA

Kristen Donovan, President/Principal, EVALCORP – Irvine, CA

Erica Ekwurzel, CivicAIM – Austin, TX

Leah Ersoylu, President, Ersoylu Consulting – Costa Mesa, CA

Deborah Flood, Principal, Purpose – Irvington, NY

Dawn Franks, President, Your Philanthropy – Tyler , TX

Cristina Gallegos, Founder & CEO, Skylark Strategies LLC – Los Angeles, CA

Jeffrey M. Glebocki, CEO, Strategy + Action/Philanthropy – Tucson, AZ

Justin Goldbach, Founder & Managing Director, Social Strategy Associates LLC – Long Island City, NY

David Greco, President & CEO, Social Sector Partners – Sherman Oaks, CA

Gita Gulati-Partee, Founder & Chief Strategist,
Open Source Leadership Strategies, Inc. – Durham, NC

Ellen Irie, Principal, Informing Change, Berkeley, CA

Valerie Jacobs NNCG Charter Member, Valerie Jacobs Consulting – San Diego, CA

Jan Jaffe, Senior Partner, The Giving Practice – New York, NY

Sheila Kappeler-Finn, Duende Consulting, LLCLafayette, CA

Brittany Kienker, Kienker Consulting LLC – Canton, MI

Lisa Korwin, Principal, Korwin Consulting – Oakland, CA

Pat Krackov, Principal, Lighthouse Philanthropy Advisors -San Jose, CA

Lindalee A. Lawrence, President, Lawrence Associates – Wellesley, MA

Tony Macklin, At-Large Pro, Tony Macklin Consulting – Broomfield, CO

Dara Major, Principal, Dara Major Philanthropy Consulting – New York, NY

Kristina L. Mayer NNCG Charter Member, President, KLMayer Consulting Group, LLC – Port Townsend, WA

Donnell Snite Mersereau, Owner, Donnell LLC – Grand Haven, MI

Amy Main Morgenstern NNCG Charter Member, President, Main Stream Enterprises, Inc. – Cleveland, OH

Mark E. Neithercut NNCG Charter Member, Principal, Neithercut Philanthropy Advisors LLC – Detroit, MI

Luke Newton, Independent Consultant – Oakland, CA

Kristen Putnam-Walkerly, MSW NNCG Charter Member, President, Putnam Consulting Group – Cleveland, OH

Mary Elizabeth Rider, Principal, Rider Consulting – Anchorage, AK

Holli Rivera, Principal, Intentional Philanthropy, LLC – Bethesda, MD

AnnJanette Rosga, Director, Informing Change, Berkeley, CA

Tuti Scott, President, Changemaker Strategies – Glolucester,MA

Seema Shah, Principal/Founder, Commveda Consulting, LLC – Brooklyn, NY

Mistinguette Smith, Principal Consultant, M Smith Consulting LLC, – Northhampton, MA

Pamela Stevens, Owner, PS Consulting NOLA, LLC – New Orleans, LA

Elizabeth Tan, Principal, E-Tan Consulting – Oakland, CA

Valerie Threlfall, Principal, Ekoute Consulting – Oakland, CA

Rebecca Van Sickle, 1892 Consulting – Portland, OR


Associate Members

Associate Members are qualified consultants actively serving grantmakers who choose to work with a smaller client base, are newer to the field, or otherwise have not yet participated in NNCG’s vetting process.


GrantBook Inc. – Toronto, CA
James Law, Director, Relationship Development
Kenny Li, Implementation Specialist
Tierney Smith, Philanthropy Solutions Advisor
Haifa Staiti, Philanthropy Solutions Advisor
Jennifer Toh, Philanthropy Solutions Advisor


Suzanne E. Busta NNCG Charter Member, President, Philanthropic Impact – Edina, MN

Nicole Campbell, CEO, Build Up Advisory Group – Newtown, CT

Marcia Coné, President, Marcia Coné Consulting – East Greenwich, RI

Michael Courville, Founder, Open Mind Consulting – Sonoma, CA

Anne Dewitt Cowie, Consultant – Roslindale, MA

Emily Davis, President, Emily Davis Consulting – Boulder, CO

Max Freund, Partner, LF Leadership – Claremont, CA

Marshall H. Ginn, Founder, Capital Development Strategies, LLC – Arlington, VA

Henry (Hank) Goldstein, CEO, Family Foundation Management Counsel, LLC – New York, NY

Leslie Gross-Davis, Partner, Advantage Insights Group – Montclair, NJ

Jessica Hembree, Principal, Platform Civic Strategies – Overland Park, KS

Belinda Lyons-Newman, Founder & Principal, Lyons-Newman Consulting – Berkeley, CA

Linda Marshall, Founding Partner, MissionBridge Philanthropy, LLC – New Canaan, CT

Ruth Masterson, Lead Advisor, Practical Insight Consulting – Takoma Park, MD

James P. McCrary, Principal Consultant/Owner,James P. McCrary Philanthropic Counsel, LLC – Birmingham, AL

Marci McLendon, Principal, Independent Consultant – Brooklyn, NY

Yvonne Moore, Principal Advisor, Moore Philanthropy – Brooklyn, NY

Laurie Neighbors, Primary, Laurie Jones Neighbors Consulting – San Francisco, CA

Carolyn O’Brien, Founding Partner, MissionBridge Philanthropy, LLC – New Canaan, CT

Thomas Scanlon, Benchmarks Inc. – Washington, DC

Ellen Schneider, Active Voice Lab, Founding Director – San Francisco, CA

Sharmila Rao Thakkar, Principal, SRT Advising & Consulting, LLC – Staten Island, NY

Affiliate Members

Affiliate Members are grantmakers and professionals in allied fields who support the mission of NNCG.


Tides Foundation– San Francisco, CA
Kimberly Middleton, Advisor
Ly Nguyen, Advisor



Elizabeth Bremner NNCG Charter Member, former President, The Foundation Incubator – Santa Fe, NM

Deborah Aubert Thomas, VP, Programs & Learning, Philanthropy Ohio – Columbus, OH


Foundation Members

The California Wellness Foundation – Woodland Hills, CA

The Colorado Health Foundation – Denver, CO

Philanthropic Ventures Foundation – Oakland, CA

 NNCG Charter Member NNCG Charter Member
Associate Member at a Full Member Firm indicates Associate Member at a Full Member Firm