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Being a member of NNCG not only provides you with a network of like minded grantmakers and philanthropy consultants who are determined to expand their knowledge and elevate their effectiveness, it also shows the world you care. A membership with NNCG tells clients, potential clients, funders, foundation leaders and donors that you mean business about making a greater philanthropic impact.
One way to let others know you are a member of NNCG (and to invite others to join the network alongside you!) is to display our new logo and tagline in your email signature and on your website. It’s easy! Follow these simple steps.
Step 1: Download our logo (Open image page, right-click to save to your computer).
Step 2: Pick your favorite tagline from the list below:
* Where consultants and grantmakers work together to make the world a better place.
* Elevate your work. Expand your knowledge. Inform the field.
* Committed to quality and effectiveness in philanthropy consulting.
* Like-minded colleagues joining together to create greater philanthropic impact.
* Ethical. Collaborative. Effective. Philanthropy to change the world.
Step 3: Embed logo and tagline at the bottom of your email signature. Link logo back to our website
Step 4: Add logo and tagline to the bottom or on a resource page of your website, and link back to
Step 5: Share with us!  Send us an email with your updated signature, or post it to our LinkedIn page!