The Foundation Review

Volume 7 | Issue 1
Spring 2015

Front Matter – Cover Art, Table of Contents, Editorial by Kris Putnam-Walkerly, M.S.W., President of Putnam Consulting Group, and Chair, National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers Steering Committee

Use of Consultants by U.S. Foundations: Results of a Foundation Center Survey
Lawrence T. McGill Ph.D., Brenda L. Henry-Sanchez Ph.D., David Wolcheck B.A., and Sarah Reibstein B.A., Foundation Center

Understanding Philanthropy Consulting: A Tool to Identify the Roles and Capabilities Needed From External Support
Brian Leslie M.B.A., Kelsey Noonan B.A., and Clint Nohavec M.B.A., SwitchPoint LLC

Both Sides of the Equation
Barbara D. Kibbe J.D., S. D. Bechtel Jr. Foundation

Effective Consulting Partnerships to Philanthropy
Ellen Irie M.P.H., Kim Ammann Howard Ph.D., Ria Sengupta Bhatt M.P.P., Informing Change, and Naomi Orensten Ed.M., Center for Effective Philanthropy

Balancing Content and Process Expertise in the Practice of Foundation Consulting
Chris Cardona Ph.D., TCC Group

Shine a Light: The Role of Consultants in Fostering a Learning Culture at Foundations
Jared Raynor M.S., Ashley Blanchard M.S., and Marieke Spence M.A.L.D., TCC Group

The Family Foundation Life Cycle and the Role of Consultants
Melissa L. Nemon Ph.D. and Claudia J. Jacobs M.S.W., Sillerman Center; Mary Phillips M.S., and Judy Sneath M.B.A., GMA Foundations

How to Implement a Funder-Supported Advocacy Effort and the Integral Role of Policy Consultants
Deena Margolis M.P.A. and Leah Ersoylu Ph.D., Ersoylu Consulting

Going Beyond Grantmaking: Using External Help to Extend a Foundation’s Core Competencies and Increase Its Impact
Gwen Walden, M.A.; Lauren Marra M.P.P.; and Katrina Briddell M.T.S., Arabella Advisors