Please Read: #DisabilityInclusionPledge – Will you join NNCG in amplifying today’s message?

Dear NNCG Members,

We hope you join us as we amplify the Disability Inclusion Pledge, spearheaded by our colleagues at the  Presidents’ Council on Disability Inclusion in Philanthropy.

All day on July 26, 2021, leaders in the field of philanthropy are sharing their commitment to taking meaningful action for disability inclusion in philanthropy and our communities.

Here are 5 ways that you can help us amplify the Pledge and NNCG’s commitment today:

  • Go to the Forum’s social media toolkit for sample post texts and graphics that you can share to show your and NNCG’s support for disability inclusion.
  • Track NNCG’s social media platforms that you follow so that you can retweet/post what we send.
  • Share our very own NNCG Pledge Quote created by the Forum (attached) to relay that you are proud of your membership in NNCG and our commitment!
  • Don’t forget to use these hashtags when you post #DisabilityInclusionPledge and  #NNCGConsultants
  • Use today as an opportunity to get your foundation clients to commit to the Pledge!

We can’t wait to retweet your posts today!

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