Inviting new members of NNCG’s Membership/Partnership Task Force

I co-lead the National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers’ Membership Experience and Partnership Task Force. We’re inviting new people to join for 2023 and would welcome hearing about your interest or suggestions of colleagues and peers.

The task force “seeks to enhance the mutual benefit of NNCG partnerships in ways that further our strategic framework. It also seeks to deliver and communicate member benefits in order to enhance member satisfaction and retention.” From a practical standpoint, we meet around 3 times a year via Zoom to:

  • Look at lists of prospective members and help with outreach. Along with the NNCG staff team, we help guide the Steering Committee in new member recruitment
  • Organize two or three Virtual Cafes (the peer member learning sessions). We’ve also typically taken the lead in facilitating them.
  • Discuss and pursue any new partnerships (like subscriber discounts).
  • As available, attend new member orientation webinars (managed by staff) to help welcome folks. 
  • As needed, provide feedback on NNCG’s potential programming.

If you’re interested, or know someone who might be, please respond directly to me ( and I’ll follow up. Thanks much!