Consultant needed to help with Startup of a Foundation within a Corporate Entity

I have a client who has just been engaged to help a local/international company start their corporate foundation. I have been mentoring her for the last six months or so and she is an incredible, energetic young professional. She has asked me to help her with start-up activities and frankly, some of the things she is requesting is not quite in my wheelhouse (some of it is!).

Here’s the basic scope:

  • She is seeking ongoing mentoring which I plan to provide
  • She is seeking help with high-level strategy on the establishment of the foundation including crafting a powerful Mission Statement; Theory of Change; all leading to a Strategic Plan. My colleague and I are capable of working on the strategic planning, but we are not very familiar with high level strategic goals and concepts around building a philanthropic approach for a new foundation.
  • She is seeking help with some of the “nuts and bolts” related to how to set up procedures and best practices for how to allocate funds and how to have organizations apply for funding. This is an area where my colleague and I do not have any expertise.

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