how to sustain nonprofit capacity building and build nonprofit endowments

Hi everyone,

I’m working with a community foundation that wants to increase the sustainability of the nonprofit capacity building services they provide to local nonprofits, and could use your advice and suggestions! 

Currently they receive funding from one private foundation to support their capacity building program, and the services are offered for free to nonprofits. They  are exploring ways to make their capacity building offerings self-sustaining, or at least diversify their revenue. In particular they want to explore membership models (where nonprofits pay some type of membership fee to receive the capacity building support). They are also exploring ways to help nonprofits build their own sustainability through endowments (including offering matching funding and technical assistance).

I would appreciate any ideas/resources/suggestions of foundations or programs that have:

  1. Increased the financial sustainability of nonprofit capacity building efforts
  2. Successfully created a membership model for capacity building
  3. Successfully helped nonprofits create and grow endowments (to support their long term sustainability)

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