March Madness at NNCG Continues – Share NNCG’s Good Vibes with Your Peers in Philanthropy

Challenge #2: Friday, March 12, 2021

Share NNCG’s Good Vibes with Your Peers in Philanthropy

Do your peer consultants and clients even know that you are a member of the best-in-class network for philanthropy consultants? Yes, NNCG! We are bold with the “best-in-class” language, but we are going to step out there and own the space. 🙂

Why? Because you are a member and we know your work rocks!

So, here’s Challenge #2: Spark a conversation with colleagues by using a NNCG Zoom background next week. Five. Days. Straight. When people ask, “What’s that?,” share our link ( in the chat box and tell them about our amazing community of philanthropy consultants.

P.S.  If you have them email, and tell them to mention your name, we’ll give them a courtesy spot to our May webinar on disability inclusion + DEI with Chris Cardona, senior program officer, Ford Foundation.

P.S.S. Or, you can always share the good vibes *everyday* by adding NNCG’s logo to your email signature. Download and get instructions here.

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