Happy New Year — and my question of the month

Happy New Year, NNCG Community!  
This list-serv is one of my favorite parts of the NNCG network. It’s a light-touch and effective way to get insight, support, ideas, and resources.  I’m an ambivalent resolution-maker (at best) but one thing that I’d like to do more of in this new year is to be a more active user of this listserv to mobilize the NNCG community’s brilliance, experience, and creativity. 
My hope is to pose at least one question each month — for general discussion and responses!  Please take a moment to respond if you have thoughts to share — and post your own questions when they come up!  Let’s make 2023 the Year of Great Peer Exchange! 
My question for January:
Do you send anything special (whether cards, gifts, reflections, etc) to your clients to mark the end of the year, holidays, or beginning of the new year?  If so, tell us about it!  How have you balanced this extra outreach with the usual end-of-year overwhelm?  And how has it been received?   
I look forward to learning from you!

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