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How to Lose/Retain Diverse Leaders in 365 Days

This is a guest post by Leniece F. Brissett, Kerrien Suarez and Andrew Plumley.  It was originally posted on Woke at Work, and is republished here with permission. Organizations have a feverish obsession with getting diverse talent in the door. In the past year,Guidestar and NonProfit Quarterly published pieces underscoring the importance of recruiting leaders of… View Article
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3 Traps that Hold Back Sharing Truths in Philanthropy

This is a guest post by NNCG members Clare Nolan and Sonia Taddy of Engage R+D.  It was posted on NPF TIG Week, and is shared here with permission. Greetings! We are Clare Nolan and Sonia Taddy and last year we co-founded Engage R+D to help social sector organizations harness the power of evaluation, strategy, and learning to advance their missions. As… View Article
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Recruiting and Retaining Staff Through Better Benchmarking Data

This is a guest post by NNCG member Brittany Kienker, Ph.D. and it was originally posted by the Johnson Center on May 31, 2018.  It is republished here with permission. Foundations across the country are looking for ways to use data to make sound decisions, show impact, and be better stewards of their own resources. Likewise,… View Article
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Open for Good: Knowledge Sharing to Strengthen Grantmaking

This was originally posted on Grantcraft.org, and is published here with permission. By:  CLARE NOLAN, JANET CAMARENA, JEN BOKOFF Knowledge has the power to spark change, but only if it is shared. In Open for Good: Knowledge Sharing to Strengthen Grantmaking, grantmakers make a strong case for foundations to openly share knowledge as an integral and strategic aspect of… View Article
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Funders: are your donations creating sustainable impact?

This is a guest post by NNCG Member Firm Mission Throttle.  It is reposted here with permission. Giving USA’s most recent report reflected a 2.7% year-over-year increase in US charitable giving. This growth was met with applause by mission-driven organizations that require donations to survive. However, the cost to address chronic social problems in the U.S.,… View Article
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Blending Evaluative and Organizational Development

This is a guest post by NNCG member Saphira M. Baker, Principal of Communitas Consulting, and Anita McGinty.  It was originally published on Stanford Social Innovation Review, and it is re-posted here with her permission. In the social sector, most people tend to see program evaluations as high-stakes endeavors designed to confirm the value of specific programmatic… View Article
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Renovate Your Philanthropy

This is a guest post by NNCG member Marshall Ginn.  It was originally posted on his blog on August 15, 2017, and is shared here with his permission. Help a Nonprofit Spruce Up Its Work! Many funders are exploring ways they can have a greater impact on their nonprofit partners.  Donors who think beyond the… View Article
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“Wicked Good” Systems Solutions to “Wicked Problems”

This is a guest post by NNCG member Leah Ersoylu, PhD, President of Ersoylu Consulting, a philanthropic advising firm based in Southern California, focused on the nexus of systems & policy change and evaluation. She and her team are committed to data-driven do-gooding. Wicked Problems As philanthropic consultants specializing in systems and policy change, my… View Article
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Change Up Your Questions

This is a guest post by NNCG Member Marshall Ginn, Founder of Capital Development Strategies, LLC Family Foundations:  Not getting the information you want? Change up your questions to up your philanthropic game A family was assessing nonprofits they wished to support financially.  With a goal of making smart philanthropic giving decisions, eight family members gathered… View Article
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Remembering NNCG Charter Member Paul Connolly

We are deeply saddened to mark the passing of our NNCG charter member, Paul Connolly. Paul was the Director of Philanthropic Advisory Services at Bessemer Trust. Prior to joining Bessemer Trust, he spent over 16 years with NNCG member firm TCC Group. Paul was a prolific author for the benefit of the field. He cared… View Article
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